We need your help. Your tax-deductible donation to the Soldier On Foundation will assist us in replicating our model of providing housing and supportive services to veterans in need across the country.

If you are interested in donating to a specific housing project, please specify the area that you are interested in supporting (i.e. “Albany” or “New Hampshire”) in the “memo” section on your check or in the “notes” section in the PayPal form.

Soldier On is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

Gordon H. Mansfield (GHM) Veterans Community Furniture Fundraiser Donations
The following donors have donated enough to fully furnish a unit at the new GHM Veterans Community in Leeds, MA.
Joe & Jean Gennari
Lennox International , Inc. – Employee Match to Joe & Jean Gennari
Stephen & Elizabeth Volkman
David & Margaret Markham – In Loving Memory of William H. Markham, S SGT US Army Air Forces WWII 1940-1945
David Tela
Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency
Care For Our Troops
Voice of Calvary Ministries – Proceeds from 5th Annual Trace Ride

“In Memory” of Donations
John Francis Hasko
Kayla Roche, Vietnam 1969-1970
Henry Como
CWO Michael Duskin
Daniel Miller
Neale Murphy-Seabees
In Honor of William Hyer
James Fitzpatrick, Vietnam Veteran
Alfred Herbert
Norman Herbert
Vincent Herbert
Joseph Elsensohn, Jr.
Albert “Butch” Dowling, Jr. U.S. Air Force, Vietnam 1970-1974
William C. Hewitt
Thelma Cote
George Brennan
In Honor of Peter Jeffs
Ira Hayes
Sgt Thomas J. Nelson
Joe Smart, USMC, Vietnam Veteran
Timothy L. Toole
Raymond F. Mahar Sr.
Marine Gunnery Sergeant Thomas J. Sullivan
Those Who Served
Kim Zullo Myer
Arthur Petell
Eugene Scapin Sr.
Stephen Bennett Carter
Charles Sacchetti, 18 yrs old
Kinsley M. Goodrich
William H. Martin, U.S. Air Force
Keith H. Martin, U.S. Army
Gerald W. Martin, USMC
James Callahan
Douglas Alva Llyod, 101st Airborne, Vietnam 1971 (1949-1992)
My husband Francis J. Fazio
Robert Earle Lampton
Linda Jayko
Rose & George Bramer
William Nolan III
Michael Rowcraft
Rochard H. Bentley
Daniel Stuckman
Alphonse Amero
Aurther J. Guilino
Edith L. DeFilippi
My Veteran Brothers
Raymond Dressell
Jim Callahan
SGT, Ralph R. Goodman, U.S. Army
Mark Benard
All Veterans who have given the ultimate sacrifice
Kim M. Zullo
Joe Stevens
Roy “Pop” Whitman
Omer C. Murphy
Gordon L. Swangren
Edward Zawistowski
Billy Nolan III
Eugene McGovern 1928-1951 Silver Star Korea
Ronald St. John
Constance Rivers
Max Bookless, WWII Philipines & Japan
Chief Warrant Officer, Mike Duskin, Afghanistan
Doreen Whelan
Casimer J. Gagiello
Stanly Clark
Louis Johnson
Benjamin K. Lofas
Betty K. Lofas
Gordon H. Mansfield
Family Members who have served in WWI,WWII,Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan
Jacques B. Caron
All the Soldiers
Merton C. Hathaway
Jesse D. Workman
Helen Hayes
In Honor of Jim Canavan
Earl A. Kniffen
Catherine Kay Laroche
Raymond Quallen
Stephen Z. Colodny
Michael Quagliano
Col. Richard Maruice
Alphonse Pouliot
E.B. Glass
Catherine Shepard
In Honor of Paul Wilson
Chester R Torrey SR.
CW4 Bruno Biagetti
Peter Naylon
Raymon B. Murray
John Purcell JR
Kiernan F. Cox
Chuck Marfield

Unfortunately, at this time, we are not accepting any donations of used clothing, televisions or furniture due to our limited storage space. We work closely with the local Salvation Army to supplies our veterans with clothing vouchers.

Salvation Army Thrift Store
310 Russell Street
Hadley, MA 01035

If you have furniture that you are interested in donating to veterans, contact Dave Felty from Homeward Vets. This program accepts furniture and uses it to assist our veteran who transition into housing in the community to furnish their apartments.