We need your help. Your tax-deductible donation to the Soldier On Inc. will assist us in replicating our model of providing housing and supportive services to veterans in need across the country.

If you are interested in donating to a specific housing project, please specify the area that you are interested in supporting (i.e. “Albany” or “Pittsfield”) in the “memo” section on your check or in the “notes” section in the PayPal form.

Soldier On is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.


Unfortunately, at this time, we are not accepting any donations of used clothing, televisions or furniture due to our limited storage space. We work closely with the local Salvation Army to supplies our veterans with clothing vouchers.
Salvation Army Thrift Store 310 Russell Street Hadley, MA 01035

If you have furniture that you are interested in donating to veterans, contact Dave Felty from Homeward Vets. This program accepts furniture and uses it to assist our veteran who transition into housing in the community to furnish their apartments.

“In Memory” of Donations
GySgt. Thomas Sullivan, USMC of Springfield, MA
Ralph R. Goodman, Staff Sgt., U.S. Army
Allan Nick Herman, USAF
Melvin Sutton, Sr., U.S. Army
Lawrence B. Tower, 2nd Lt, U.S. Army Air Corps
Louis Pasquarelli, Corporal, U.S. Army
Harry M. Logan, U.S. Navy
Richard O’Neill, U.S. Army
Gene Frienir, PFC, U.S. Army
Darold P. Greene, LCDR, U.S. Navy
John Megar, U.S. Navy
Ralph Simmons, Tech Sgt., U.S. Army
Raymond Dressell
Perry G. Whitman, U.S. Navy
John F. Bresnahan
Dr. James E. Bruce
Albert Dowling
Frank Maluda, Sgt., U.S. Army
Francis J. Messer, Navy
Fred Benoit
Roy & Mary Whitman
David Whitteher
Robert J. Rivers, U.S. Army
Raymond J. Quallen, U.S. Navy
Richard W. Maynard, Private, U.S. Army
Sgt Sullivan, USMC
Master Sgt. Philip G. Brown, USAF
Lt. Douglas J. Duskin, U.S. Navy
Meyer Lederman, U.S. Army
Peter J. Junge, U.S. Army
Bruce Leavitt
John C. Knott, U.S. Navy
Dr. Malcolm C. Todd, U.S. Army
“Woody” Robert L. Woof, Jr., USAF
Sgt. Albert A. Ingegni, Jr., U.S. Army
All Vietnam Veterans
All those who did not come home

“In Honor” of Donations
Joe Madlin