Getting Veterans Into The End Zone

Soldier On, Hope LoanPort (HLP) and Citi have joined forces to give Military Veteran Families an opportunity to realize the American Dream of homeownership.

Here’s how it works:

•  Citi donates homes to Soldier On
•  Soldier On matches homes in Citi’s inventory with qualified Military Veteran Families
•  Properties are renovated by Soldier On and their partners and are move-in-ready for local Military Veteran Families
•  HLP coaches families on budget, debt, credit and getting an affordable mortgage
•  Soldier On provides ongoing transitional services until properties are fully deeded to the recipients
•  Soldier On and HLP follow-up after move-in to ensure homeowner success

Together, we are committed to assisting Military Veteran Families in achieving and sustaining homeownership. Donate below to support this cause:

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Any Military Veteran of any era regardless of wounded or disability status is welcome to apply.